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CALCITRON is complete formula specially designed to compensate Calcium and other minerals and vitamins necessary for body growth, bone formation, during pregnancy and lactation, post menopause, geriatrics and even general needs as prophylactic formula against bone demineralization and to maintain healthy bones.

CALCITRON is formulated with mineral and trace element aminoacid cheltates ,along with vitamins necessary for optimal absorption.

Calcium acts synergestically with other elements such as magnesium, Phosphorous and potassium as well as the trace elements Zinc, Manganese, Boron, Silicon and Copperto carry out it’s biological role.

Additionally,essential vitamins are required including vitamin D, A and C.

Because CALCITRON includes these co-factors the bioavailability of Calcium in this formula is optimized.

Minerals in CALCITRON are chelated with aminoacids (Human Minerals), exactly like minerals in food, so absorption is increased naturally ensuring maximum bioavailability; maximum efficacy with no side effects.

Inorganic Compounds found in formulas other than CALCITRON, such as carbonates,sulfates,phosphate and oxides are less easily absorbed and more likely to cause GIT upset.


Pregnancy and lactation.
Muscle cramps during pregnancy.
During growth stages.
Bone fractures.
Muscle weakness and twitches.
Following gastrectomy,thyroidectomy and para-thyroidectomy.



1-2 Capsules daily.
All minerals are aminacid chelated.

All vitamins are in the natural form.

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