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Cod liver oil is generally added to a dog’s diet when they are suffering from an inflammatory condition (such as pancreatitis, IBD, hepatitis, dermatitis, inflammatory brain disease) or if a dog needs joint support for arthritis as they age.

Vitamin A helps maintain eye health, bone growth, and maintenance of skin and the other epithelial layers in the body. Vitamin D is important for bone health and calcium/phosphorus balance in the blood.

Cod liver oil can be used in dogs to:

Decrease whole-body inflammation
Decrease pain (by decreasing inflammation, pain is reduced)
Support brain and eye development, and if given daily, maintenance throughout life
Support heart health

Cod liver oil is available for purchase in liquid or capsule form. These forms can be given to pets directly, added to treats, or given with food.

How to Give Cod Liver Oil to Dogs:
Because giving too much to a pet can cause gastrointestinal upset (such a throwing up, diarrhea, or lack of interest in food), pet parents need to be cautious when adding fish oils to a dog’s daily meals or using it as a supplement.

Cod Liver Oil Supplements for Dogs

As previously mentioned, cod liver oil supplements for dogs come in liquid or capsule forms and may help decrease inflammation and support heart and eye health.

Generally, a pet-specific cod liver oil supplement will have dosing on the packaging by weight. Your pet’s veterinarian will help you determine if that dose is appropriate for your pet.

Remember that all pets are not only different sizes, but their body may respond differently to supplements because they are an individual. Give only the amount recommended by your veterinarian, and do not give more without consulting your veterinarian.

Cod Liver Oil in Dog Food:
Some dog foods may have fish oil or cod liver oil added in with the other ingredients. If not, then adding a cod liver oil supplement into or on top of their dog food is an acceptable method of dosing your dog.

Look on the ingredient label to see if this type of fish oil is included in your dog’s food. If you don’t see it clearly labeled as “cod liver oil” then it’s likely not included. Some dog foods will advertise that EPA and DHA are included in the food, which likely means that a fish oil supplement has been added, but this is unlikely to be cod liver oil.

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