Dizanown 60% EC - 250G


 Non-systemic insecticide and acaricide with contact, stomach and respiratory action.
 A powerful and broad spectrum insecticide and acaricide.
 Well tolerated by farm animals and pets except cats and poultry.

 Treatment of scab, mange and for the control of mites, ticks, lice, keds, fleas and screw worms .
 Control of stable flies and blow-fly larvae.

METHODS OF APPLICATIONS: By spraying or dipping after dilution with water as spray (1:25) for Animals houses

 Diazinon must be used directly after being diluted with water, and not kept for the next day to be used.
 In presence of water, the stored diazinon is oxidized to diazoxon which is harmful to animals
 Opened bottles should be used within 3 months.
 Do not use after expiration date.
 Toxic to fishes, bees, cats, poultry and birds.
 Avoid application on sick, exhausted, weak and young animals.
 Before spraying, wear protective clothes, boots, gloves and goggles.
 Do not eat, drink or smoke during spraying.
 Avoid polluting ponds, waterways and water sources.
 Do not allow off-springs to suckle until mothers are completely dried from the insecticide liquid.

 Eye contact: wash with water for 15 minutes.
 Skin contact: wash with soap and water.
 Inhalation:
 Move patient to fresh air
 Apply artificial respiration, give oxygen when necessary.
 Ingestion:
 Do not induce vomiting.
 Apply gastric lavage.
 Get medical help, when necessary.
 Atropine, PAM, Toxogonin.
 Continue symptomatic treatment

 Keep away from children, food and drinks.
 Keep in a dry, dark place below 30 ºC.
PACKING: (100,250, 500, 1000) ML.

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