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Feed growing dogs of large breeds really well with the 2-phase concept. Tailored to the different protein requirements of the growing phase:
In the first months of life, small, medium and large breed dogs need a puppy food with a high protein content to ensure optimal development of organs, muscles, tendons and joints.

For large breeds, the protein content in the food can be reduced from the 6th month onwards, because they grow more slowly than smaller breeds from this point onwards. On the other hand, the total growth period for large breeds is considerably longer. For this reason Meradog has developed two different junior products. Junior 1 for small and medium breeds until the end of the growth period and for large breeds until the end of the 5th month. Junior 2 for large breeds from the 6th month until the end of the growth period.

Particularly tasty dog food for large breeds from 6 months of age until the end of the growth period.
Reduced protein content / high-quality mussel meat powder and salmon oil / prebiotic inulin and beta-glucans
Meradog dog food provides your dog with all-round protection with the Mera protection concept:
Cell protection: antioxidants (vitamin C, E, beta-carotene and selenium) for optimal cell protection.

Support of the natural defences: Support through beta-glucans

Skin and coat: natural omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (from salmon oil, sunflower oil and linseed) and zinc chelate for skin and coat

Stable intestinal flora and safe digestion: Prebiotic inulin for a stable intestinal flora and safe digestion Physique: High-quality animal protein (poultry, egg) and green-lipped New Zealand mussel (building materials for cartilage and joints) support the physique.

Metabolism: Energy content in line with requirements supports the metabolism.

Quality: 100% made in Germany, No colourings or preservatives, Wheat free.

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